This is not meant to be fancy website. (Oh, you noticed that right off the bat, eh? Excellent.)

We work at your office, home, and/or remotely. That's where our quality matters, and that is where we focus our efforts.

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In many situations,
we can do fixes and instruction remotely.
Call for information about this service.

As for fees - There is a basic charge for a visit, or for a remote connection. Beyond that, we bill on an hourly and/or per job basis. If we cannot solve your problem, we will tell you so, and you will not be charged anything in addition to the initial service call fee.

The best way to contact us is with the phone number above. If you would like to contact us by email, the email address is below. And if you are wondering why it is not a "clickable" link - that is because we prefer not to get junk email sent by web robots that vacuum up email addresses from the web. It is most certainly true that we're interested in improving our health, our appeal to women, and our finances. But we have serious doubts that any unsolicited thing arriving in our email, promising the customary untold pleasures and fabulous riches, will actually deliver anything of the sort.

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